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This course includes a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures that you need to pass the examination to reach professional excellence. Our instructor provides written notes, samples, and practice tests, and you can access them for a lifetime. In addition, the language of instruction is the English language for better understanding.

No certificates are issued after you complete this course, but you need to pass the test for immigration. To learn a new language like English at a professional level, the skills and confidence you need are what Jobreadycentre provides you.

What are the requirements?

CELPIP is a Canadian English proficiency test required to achieve immigration to Canada successfully, besides earning a real estate and mortgage broker license. This test, CELPIP, was developed in UBC, the University of British Columbia, but Paragon Testing Enterprises, the subsidiary of UBC, handles the administration. The test verifies your skills in the English language in all four segments of reading, writing, speaking, and listening that you will require to flourish your professional career in Canada.

What will you learn?

Industry experts take regular classes to make you fluent in English for all four segments. If required, you can extend the duration of your session. We prioritize your success and complete knowledge. So, we only allow students to sit for the exams prepared for an excellent score. You can also get the class timing of your choice both at morning and evening sessions. People immigrating under different labour laws must be designated by CIC, Citizenship Immigration Canada, for English language proficiency skills.

For who is this course for? What are possible career options? Companies that will hire?

Suppose you can understand Basic English and have the enthusiasm to work in a country like Canada. In that case, you must get admission to this course to sharpen your knowledge in the English language. You can get to work in any industry across Canada with basic knowledge of English and a good stock of vocabulary. You can get any placement in Canada after completion of this course. You can get placed in every possible house working in Canada.

How much will you earn? 

You can earn up to 169 000 CAD per year in Canada for any possible job opportunity. You can also earn other benefits like transportation, medical, and other amenities required for living and working in Canada.

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