Customer Service KPI Examples The 12 KPI Metrics You Need to Track!

Customer Service KPI Examples The 12 KPI Metrics You Need to Track!

What is a Key Performance Indicator KPI? Guide & Examples

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But that approach doesn’t just apply to your supply chain management, revenue or churn rates – most fundamentally, it also applies to people and our performance. Marketing leaders need to track KPIs which enable them to measure their progress against clearly defined goals. The 15 marketing KPI examples below cover all phases of the customer funnel and can be accurately tracked using modern marketing analytics. While this might sound very basic, you need to have the right systems in place to actually measure the business-critical KPIs before you can look to improve them.

SEO KPIs: Embracing user-centric metrics – Search Engine Land

SEO KPIs: Embracing user-centric metrics.

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Service Cloud is also adaptable to any industry workflow with its business automation tools and the ability to use custom or pre-integrated apps. However, some of the most important KPIs you should measure are customer satisfaction scores, first response time, and customer churn. To improve KPIs like average resolution time and customer satisfaction, agents must be trained to deliver the best customer support. Many support teams choose the right KPIs but don’t track them throughout the year. Instead, KPIs take the backseat with team leaders glancing at them once, if at all.

Net Promoter Score®

As differentiated from AFRT, ART shows whether your customers’ issues, requests, or queries get followed up promptly. It tells you, on average, how responsive and quick you are in getting back to your customers. Metrics and KPIs give you the facts and figures to work with and continually improve on. As such, in the case of employee onboarding, a study by SilkRoad indicates that 70% of organizations regard employee retention as their top onboarding KPI.

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How much it costs the company to handle each incident on average, regardless of whether it’s resolved or not. Calculate how much agents are paid and how much it costs to run the facilities they’re in. Your messaging app or phone system should be able to calculate the time between interactions, which can help you balance the workload for your agents, especially during busier times. The average handle time may be calculated per team or per service rep, and it can be averaged by day, week, month, or lifetime. This can be measured by breaking down customer service tone and language skills into actions and counting how many of those actions the agent performs during the customer interaction.

Agent Touches Per Ticket

For example, a chatbot can collect key customer information upfront and then route the conversation to the right person to help. See the Zendesk help desk in action to learn how it can help you track, measure, and improve your metrics. For example, if resolutions are consistently behind, you may need to add more staff or look at other ways to increase efficiency.

support kpis

Net retention rate, sometimes called net dollar retention (NDR) or net revenue rate, measures the percentage of recurring revenue retained from your existing customers over a month, quarter, or year. Klipfolio reports that a good NRR is anywhere between 90% and 125%, depending on your brand’s niche, product, and total addressable support kpis market (TAM). As mentioned previously, retaining customers is always less expensive than finding new customers. Ecommerce companies in particular have an average CRR of about 30%, according to Omniconvert, so if your company’s CRR is lower than that, it could be a sign that your customer support isn’t as effective as it could be.

Rate of Resolution

NPS can be an indicator of growth potential for a company because peer recommendations carry so much weight in our society that is social media-obsessed. Track where your customers are reaching out from in order to optimize staffing and prioritize channels that would benefit most from technologies like automation. Again, it’s hard to say what a good number is here, but at Cascade, we’re aiming for a spend of around $2,000 per employee per year on direct training and development.

  • Reducing customer churn is a crucial aspect of business success that requires constant customer engagement to understand and address customers’ issues with your brand and product.
  • Your average ticket count measures the average number of customer service or support tickets your team receives.
  • The goal is to keep the churn rate minimal, but it happens in every company so you don’t need to panic immediately.

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